Apprentice of the Year, Nancy Brincat

Apprentice of the Year 2016

“Winning increased my confidence when dealing with clients”

– Nancy Brincat, Apprentice of the Year 2016 


What has happened since winning Apprentice of the Year 2016? 

Nancy Brincat said:

“I was working for Doggie Delights when I won the Apprentice of the Year 2016. Winning the award increased my confidence when dealing with customers. I was able to develop better relationships with clients which helped to improve the services.”

Kelly Murfet, Owner of Doggie Delights, said:

“You could see a real difference in Nancy after she won the Apprentice of the Year 2016. Clients were pleased when we told them our apprentice won the Apprentice of the Year at the Havering Business Awards 2016 which helped to improve our credibility as a company.

“Her confidence was boosted which was an absolute win for us and the award gave us great publicity. People still speak about it today which gives us even more exposure than what we already had last year.”

In August this year, Nancy decided to start her own full-time business from home called Dog Shack Essex.

She said, “I learnt so much from Doggie Delights and it inspired me to start Dog Shack Essex.

“Winning the award has made me believe in myself. I’m more independent, and even compete in dog grooming. I also want to do other projects like developing my own shampoos.

“I will definitely encourage companies to nominate their apprentices as this has changed my life and apart from this, I just really enjoyed the award night.”


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